" Teach the children to take care of the trees from the              past, and they will plant a million trees in the future."
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RichieCaboHorticulturist.com was selected to be the organic Horticulturist Consultant for The Morningside Heights Housing Complex in N.Y.C.He will be designing a sustainable urban organic garden with natives and NYC proven cultivars.Richie Cabo is the founder of sdgardens.com 
Richie has resigned from the Sargent and Downing Gardens and will continue to individually contribute to the community and the City of Beacon. Richiecabohorticulturist.com will soon begin a monthly horticulture blog  with helpful organic hints for the garden.

RichieCaboHorticulturist.com is an organic horticulture landscape and design consulting firm. We are also a fully licensed grower and plant supplier in NYS.
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