NYC Current Events
World Trade Survivor Tree Goes Back Home Tree :  see the link below
9/11 Survivor Tree Replanted See the story ABC.COM
Mayor Bloomberg
and Richie Cabo
talking about the 9/11 Survivor Tree
Go to link below to see video from the NY Times 
City Room. It's a beautiful story about the 9/11 Survivor Tree While it was at the nursery and you can see how beautiful she is and how she looked after the attacks on The World Trade Center.

see the link below :
NY TIMES Video 9/11 Survivor Tree at Van Cortlandt Nursery
Organic news!
The O2 compost System built at Citywide Nursery has been chosen by the NYC Dept. of Parks Commissioner to be to be installed at the five boroughs as a citywide innitiative for echo friendly composting.
    The system was first seen by Richie Cabo when he took his staff on a tour of The Stone Barns Organic Farm in Sleepy Hollows NYS. The Citywide Staff with Richie designed the system based on the one at Stone Barn Farm with the help of 02 Compost Systems.
     There is no diesel fuel used to sterilize the compost and it has been a great success story!